About 101Knots.com

Hi, my name is Gabriel Florez and first of all, I would like to thank you for visiting 101Knots.com. I am a graphic designer by profession and a rock climber by hobby. I started rock climbing at a very young age, when I was barely a teenager. During those early days, one problem I used to face was figuring out what knot would go for which purpose, and then how to tie those knots correctly so I didn’t have to be scared to death that a knot I made will come undone at a crucial point. And back then, the internet wasn’t as much help as it can be today.

I first started this site a few years ago, wanting to help all the fellow climbers, especially people who are just starting out in this field, to easily learn all the knots they need to know. It was also to be the place they could come to quickly find out which knots are useful for what specific situation. Being a graphic designer also helped, as a well-drawn picture is the easiest way to learn how to make even the most complicated knots. And it wasn’t long before I started getting feedback from people visiting the site regarding how to make it better or more useful.

That is how I came across the idea of adding some essential knots for other hobbies like fishing and sailing. Initially, I did not have much knowledge about these, but luckily, my dad has always had a thing for fishing. So, I took his guidance and advice as I extended this site further, hoping it can also come in handy for others. There are categories for rescue knots, loops, bends etc. as well, and the instructions have been written after trying and testing all the knots.

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