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Balthus Knot

Balthus Knot

The Balthus tie knot was invented approximately in 1930 by the controversial French-Polish modern artist Balthasar Klossowski de Rola who was popularly known as Balthus. It had a resurgence with the popular TV series Hannibal that had Hannibal Lector sporting it. The easy-to-learn knot is broad, large, symmetrical and conical in shape when done correctly. As the wide end is wrapped around the thin end a large number of times, the finished tie is short in length. That is also the reason why it requires a pretty long tie. Being bigger than the full or double Windsor knot it is sometimes referred to as the quadruple Windsor knot.

When to Use it

The size of the knot makes it unfit for work or casual occasions. However, you could make it with beautiful neckties for weddings and formal events.

How to Tie a Balthus Knot

You have to make it with the seam side up.

How to Tie a Balthus Knot

Style Tips

  1. It might be too extravagant for formal dresses. It goes well with fine social dresses.
  2. Spread collars and cutaway collars are recommended for this.
  3. Avoid wearing it with a two-piece suit since the end of the tie barely touches your belly button. You could hide the oddity by wearing a waistcoat, vest or jumper.
  4. The quality of this knot to stand out requires you to be hugely confident to carry it off with elan.
  5. A paisley tie suits the knot best. Solid and dotted ties are not preferred.


How to Tie a Balthus Knot Step by Step

  1. Make the neck loop
  2. Pass the wide end through it
  3. Take it out from the right side
  4. Pass it to the left from inside the loop
  5. Pass it through the loop once more
  6. Take it out downwards
  7. Pass it to the left
  8. Pass it up through the loop
  9. Pass it down through the central loop
  10. Tighten and you are done

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