Boating Knots

Types of Boating Knots According To Their Uses

There are so many of us who like boating as a sport. The mist of water against your face gives a feeling of freshness and wipes away stress. There are others who need to boat for transporting goods and communicating. Whatever be the reason, if you are heading out for it, it is important for you to know some basic knots as boating requires you to work with ropes.

Boating Knots

To Tie a Boat to a Floating Dock, Static Dock, Cleat or Boat Lift & For Securing Loads

Other useful knots

For Temporary Mooring

To Secure an Anchor to A Boat

Other useful knots

For Tying A Dock Line to A Piling

For Reefing Sails

For Securing the Oars Together & Lashing them to the Rails of a Boat

For Hanging Fenders

As Safety (Stopper) Knots

For Joining Two Ropes Together

Other useful knots

To Bind the Frayed End of a Rope So That It Doesn’t Unravel

Other useful knots

For Isolating Worn Out Sections of Ropes

For Rescue by Bringing Two Boats Together

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