Fishing Knots

Types of Fishing Knots Depending On the Fishing Technique Used

The success of any fishing technique is heavily dependent on the perfect knowledge of the knots used. So you should know their tying procedures like the back of your hand. Also, since saltwater and freshwater have different densities choose your techniques wisely to cater to different situations.

Fishing Knots

Fly Fishing Knots

Fly Fishing Knots

To attach the reel to the backing

To attach the backing to the fly line

To tie the fly line to the leader

To connect the leader to the tippet

To attach the tippet to the fly

Other useful knots

Loop to loop knots

Jig Fishing Knots

Surf Fishing Knots for Shock Leaders

Drop Shot Fishing Knots

Soft Bait Fishing Knots

Deep Sea (Offshore) Fishing Knots

Beach Fishing Knots

Ice Fishing Knots

Game/Sport Fishing Knots (e.g. Big Game Fishing, Bass Fishing)

Fishing Knots for Connecting the Parts of Your Fishing Gear

The different parts of your fishing equipment need to be securely fastened together. The knots used should hold well under water and not come undone under tension.

Fishing Hook Knots (Used to Connect the Fishing Line to Hooks, Swivels and Lures)

Fishing Hook Knots

Fishing Loop Knots (To Create a Loop at the End or Middle of a Fishing Line)

Fishing Loop Knots

Line To Line Fishing Knots (Joining Two Fishing Lines)

Fishing Knots for Different Types of Lines

The below classification will help you in choosing the best knot for the type of fishing line that you are using. It is important to choose a line material that is strong enough for holding on to the catch and is not slippery.

Fishing Line Knots

For lighter line to line fluorocarbon or monofilament connections

For heavy mono lines

For attaching monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders to a braided main line

Other useful knots

For connecting monofilament to terminal tackle

For braided line to monofilament connections

For attaching a fluorocarbon leader to a monofilament main line

For connecting braided line to terminal gear

Other useful knots

For braid to braid connections

For lead core fishing lines

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