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Clinch Knot

Clinch Knot

Also known as the un-improved or regular clinch knot, this classic fishing knot attaches your line to a hook, lure or swivel.  One of the oldest and best knots for this purpose, it retains about 90-95% of the line strength. It performs much better than the improved clinch knot for heavy mono lines and is good for both single-strand and braided nickel-titanium leaders. It is also simpler and faster to tie but has been found to be 50% weaker than its improved version according to tests. This accounts for its poor performance in landing big fish. It is also more prone to coming undone.

You should have a minimum of 4 turns around the standing line for the clinch. However, it largely depends on the type of fishing line that you are using. Lighter lines need more turns to keep them from unraveling. Braided lines should have 3-4 extra turns since it is more prone to slippage.

How to Tie a Clinch Knot

How to Tie a Clinch Knot


  1. Double clinch knot – Done with a double line following the same steps as above, this one is better for fine leaders or lines.
  2. Open clinch knot – Stronger but more complicated.

Clinch Knot v/s Other Knots

  1. Palomar knot – More powerful and suited for braided lines.
  2. Uni Knot – Stronger and maintains more tippet breaking strength.


  1. Fly fishing.


How to Tie a Clinch Knot Step by Step

  1. Pass the working end through the hook eye
  2. Wrap it 5 times around the standing line
  3. Pass it through the first loop
  4. Pull it and the standing line to tighten
  5. Cut off excess tag end
  6. The knot is complete

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