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Directional Figure 8

Directional Figure 8

The directional figure eight creates a knot in the middle of the line. It is made on a bight and can take strain in a single direction only. The strong load bearing loop knot finds mention in The Ashley Book of Knots.

How to Tie a Directional (Inline) Figure 8

How to Tie a Directional (Inline) Figure 8



  • Does not need to access the ends of the rope
  • Secure in case of proper application of load
  • Tends to capsize and constrict if load is not applied in one direction


  1. Climbing
  2. Can create handholds on a hauling line.
  3. Instrumental in attaching a Z-Drag (a mechanical advantage system) to the line in the absence of Prusiks.

Steps to Tying a Directional Figure 8

  1. Make a loop and tuck it under the line
  2. Pass the lower loop through the upper one
  3. Hold the standing parts while doing the previous step
  4. The tightened knot forms a loop


  1. Alpine butterfly knot – Useful when load is applied in either direction.
  2. Figure 8 on a bight – A weaker substitute. Can be tied anywhere along the length.

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