Directional (Inline) Figure 8
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Directional Figure 8

Directional Figure 8

The directional figure eight creates a knot in the middle of the line. It is made on a bight and can take strain in a single direction only. The strong load bearing loop knot finds mention in The Ashley Book of Knots.

How to Tie a Directional (Inline) Figure 8

How to Tie a Directional (Inline) Figure 8



  • Does not need to access the ends of the rope
  • Secure in case of proper application of load
  • Tends to capsize and constrict if load is not applied in one direction


  1. Climbing
  2. Can create handholds on a hauling line.
  3. Instrumental in attaching a Z-Drag (a mechanical advantage system) to the line in the absence of Prusiks.


  1. Alpine butterfly knot – Useful when load is applied in either direction.
  2. Figure 8 on a bight – A weaker substitute. Can be tied anywhere along the length.

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