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Double Bowline Knot

Double Bowline

An extra wrap around the bight differentiates the double bowline or round turn bowline from the classic bowline knot. This makes it a stronger alternative suitable for heavy-duty rigging and rough activities. According to Clifford Ashley, the author of The Ashley Book of Knots, it decreases the danger of capsizing that is likely to happen when the bowline is carelessly made.

How to Tie a Double Bowline

How to Tie a Double Bowline


  1. Double Yosemite bowline – It is a double bowline knot with a Yosemite finish for added security. You can tie it in the slip knot method for easy untying.

Double Bowline Knot v/s Other Knots

  1. Figure 8 on a bight – Difficult to untie in a fall after being loaded, unlike the double bowline. However, the figure 8 on a bight is more secure.
  2. Bowline on a bight – Has greater security and strength.


  1. As a tie-in to connect a rope to a climbing harness.
  2. For tying a rope tree swing.

Double Bowline Knot Video Instructions

How to Tie a Double Bowline Step by Step

  1. Make two loops with the rope
  2. Pass the end through the loops
  3. Pass it behind the standing part
  4. Pass it through the loops again
  5. Hold and pull A then B to tighten
  6. The knot is made


  1. Water bowline knot – The initial loops overlap each other to form a clove hitch, unlike the double bowline where the loops are placed beside each other. It suits wet conditions better.

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