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Double Overhand Knot

Double Overhand Knot

The double overhand knot is nothing but the simple overhand knot with an extra tuck inside the initial loop resulting in a larger form. When used as a bend it serves the purpose of connecting 2 strands.

How to Tie a Double Overhand Knot

How to Tie a Double Overhand Knot


  1. Overhand knot – Smaller, easier to tie and untie.
  2. Triple overhand knot – More complex.



  • Being simple can be tied in the dark, one handed and wearing mitts
  • Strong even under wet, dry and frozen conditions
  • If tied correctly, doesn’t undo easily
  • Does not jam as easily like other climbing knots as it can slip effortlessly over edges
  • Difficult to untie
  • Can jam badly



  1. In rope halters
  2. Beading, making bracelets
  3. To connect rappelling ropes
  4. Provides a simple and quick method to join 2 ropes for abseil
  5. As a backup to other knots that are directly tied to a carabiner or climbing harness

Knots Based On the Double Overhand

  1. Double fisherman’s knot – Uses a couple of the above knot one tied around the standing part of another.
  2. Surgeon’s knot – Leading it to be also named as the double surgeon’s knot.
  3. Figure 8 bend – For seizing the ends securely.
  4. Double overhand loop knot – The fishing knot is actually the double overhand tied on a bight

Double Overhand Knot Video

The step by step video instructions shows the tying procedure in detail.

Steps to Tying a Double Overhand Knot

  1. Make a loop and feed the end into it
  2. Take it outside the loop and pass it through once more
  3. Pull both ends to tighten
  4. The two turns come close together

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