Double Overhand Stopper Knot
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Double Overhand Knot

Double Overhand Knot

The double overhand knot is nothing but the simple overhand knot with an extra tuck inside the initial loop resulting in a larger form. When used as a bend it serves the purpose of connecting 2 strands.

How to Tie a Double Overhand Knot

How to Tie a Double Overhand Knot


  1. Overhand knot – Smaller, easier to tie and untie.
  2. Triple overhand knot – More complex.



  • Being simple can be tied in the dark, one handed and wearing mitts
  • Strong even under wet, dry and frozen conditions
  • If tied correctly, doesn’t undo easily
  • Does not jam as easily like other climbing knots as it can slip effortlessly over edges
  • Difficult to untie
  • Can jam badly



  1. In rope halters
  2. Beading, making bracelets
  3. To connect rappelling ropes
  4. Provides a simple and quick method to join 2 ropes for abseil
  5. As a backup to other knots that are directly tied to a carabiner or climbing harness

Knots Based On the Double Overhand

  1. Double fisherman’s knot – Uses a couple of the above knot one tied around the standing part of another.
  2. Surgeon’s knot – Leading it to be also named as the double surgeon’s knot.
  3. Figure 8 bend – For seizing the ends securely.
  4. Double overhand loop knot – The fishing knot is actually the double overhand tied on a bight

Double Overhand Knot Video

The step by step video instructions shows the tying procedure in detail.

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