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Double Uni Knot or Uni to Uni Knot

Double Uni Knot / Uni to Uni Knot

You can join 2 lines of varying or similar strengths with this fishing knot. It is basically tying the uni knot with the line doubled, twice at 2 ends. It is used by both salt and freshwater anglers. When tying braid to mono, make 5+ turns with the mono and 8 turns with the slippery braid. It can unite a fluorocarbon leader with a braided main line and is a good mono to mono knot. It is also known as the double Grinner knot.

How to Tie a Double Uni Knot/Uni to Uni Knot

How to Tie a Double Uni Knot / Uni to Uni Knot


  1. If you are not using the swivel, the double uni knot is a good option.
  2. Breaking strength is less than 100% but over 90%.
  3. It can be used for tying tapered leaders or tippets.


  1. Double double uni knot – For joining a braid to a fluoro leader, the former is doubled over before tying the knot.



  • Works well
  • Strong when tied correctly
  • Quick to tie
  • Simple
  • Doesn’t slip or break in most cases
  • Not the strongest option for braid to mono and braid to fluoro leader connections.
  • When tying mono to braid, tends to overstretch the mono.

Double Uni v/s Other Knots

  1. Easier than the blood knot.
  2. The FG and J knots are stronger.
  3. Passes more easily through guides than the Albright knot.
  4. The Alberto knot, though smaller, keeps rubbing against rod guides and becomes loose letting go of precious catch. The double uni is better in this respect.
  5. It is stronger than the surgeon’s knot. However, the latter can be tied faster.
  6. More reliable than the Seaguar knot.
  7. Though it works for braid to braid unions, the modified double uni boasts of a greater breaking strength.


  1. Fly fishing.
  2. To connect super lines or braids to mono or fluoro leaders.
  3. To join shock leader to mono.
  4. On drop shot rigs.
  5. For lure casting.

Tying Double Uni Knot Videos

If you want to tie the double uni knot with a Bimini twist, follow the below video.

How to Tie a Double Uni Knot Step by Step

  1. Overlap the 2 ends 2 and wrap the blue end around both ropes
  2. Take it out through the loop and pull as directed
  3. Take the red end and wrap it around both ropes
  4. Pass it through the loop formed by the red rope
  5. Pull to tighten
  6. Pull the standing parts in opposite directions
  7. The individual knots will draw close together. Trim off excess tag ends
  8. The knot is made


1. Nail knot – Good for uniting fly line with leader.

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