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Dropper Loop

Dropper Loop

Dropper Loop

The dropper loop, also known as a dropper knot forms a secure structure that aids fishermen in making multiple hook bait rings.  They also find it handy to attach a rubber worm or a tube lure with this loop above a jig. Want an extra fly? Make this loop for additional attachment in your tippet or leader. The moderately strong knot suits small catch like panfish or tiny saltwater species. It is ideal for deep sea or bass fishing ranking it among the top ten fishing knots till date.

How to Tie a Dropper Loop

Tying Dropper Loop Knot

Tying Dropper Loop Knot


  1. An alternative is to keep the first loop still while twisting a matchstick kept at the overlapping point. Slip the bigger loop through the tiny one left by the match to create the dropper.
  2. The more the number of turns around the standing line, the smaller and tighter the loop.


  • Test the knot well before fishing.
  • Lubricate well before holding the ends of your line taut with both hands and drawing up the loop with your mouth for optimal tightness.


  • Make the loop too long to minimize twisting and fouling of the fishing line. However, if you wish to set a hook directly to it, you may consider a little longer length.



Standing at right angles to the line, the loop prevents tangles.When done with nylon, the knot loses the said structure on tightening.


  1. Make a loop, hold its top and wrap it around itself
  2. Wrap it 5 more times
  3. Now pass it through the central hole
  4. Pull it down while stretching the ends tightly

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