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Egg Loop Knot

Egg Loop Knot

Fish eggs and roe are excellent baits, but it is difficult to attach them to hooks. You can use the egg loop knot to tie your leaders such that they accommodate soft baits such as eggs and keep them from falling off the hook. The knot, also known as bumper knot, is handy for steelhead and salmon fishing. This modification of the Snell knot is also good at securing chicken liver to the hook while fishing catfish.

How to Tie an Egg Loop

You should start with around four feet length of leader.

How to Tie an Egg Loop


  1. You might have to push in the leader a little bit back through the hook eye to form the loop in the last step.
  2. You can directly connect your main line to the hook for this knot.
  3. The initial wraps made in steps 2 and 3 can vary between 10 and 20 in number.
  4. While making the turns, it is very important to maintain tension and make them tight avoiding overlaps so that they don’t unravel.
  5. You should pull the rope in step 8 tightly because that decides the correctness of the knot. Everything should be cinched


  1. Double egg loop knot – It helps you attach a puff ball or yarn ball for fishing salmon or steelhead. Here, a doubled line is passed through the hook eye instead of the single rope end as shown in step 1 above.
  2. Double hook egg loop knot – Sometimes, a long tag end is left while tying that is used to tie a second hook in an egg loop knot. The first one holds the bait while the second one actually catches the fish.

Fishing Egg Loop Knot Video

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