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Figure 8 Follow Through

Figure 8 Follow Through

Figure 8 Follow Through

Based on the figure 8 knot, figure 8 follow through knot is one of the ways of tying a figure 8 loop the other one being the figure 8 on a bight. It secures the climbing rope to a harness thereby protecting the climber from an accidental fall.

How to Tie a Figure Eight Follow Through

Tying a Figure 8 Follow Through


  1. It allows the figure 8 loop to be tied to a carabiner, ring or around any object.
  2. Though here it is tied with a short tag end, it is safe to keep it longer for load bearing applications. You can also back it up with a stopper knot like the overhand knot.
Figure 8 Follow Through With Stopper Knot

Figure 8 Follow Through With Stopper Knot

  1. It needs to be dressed properly to enable it to carry heavy load.
  2. It is more secure than a bowline.
  3. Check that the double strands of the rope lay parallel to each other in the final step.



One of the strongest knotsCan jam badly in any type of rope
Easy to tie but needs a lot of practiceCan be difficult to untie under heavy load


  1. Caving
  2. Rock climbing
  3. Firefighting
  4. Decorative purposes

How to Tie a Figure Eight Follow Through: Video

How to Tie Figure 8 Follow Through Step by Step

  1. Make an “8” with the rope
  2. Wrap it around the support
  3. Pass it through the loops
  4. Take it behind the big loop
  5. Pass it next to the upper line
  6. Take it out parallel to the standing part
  7. Pull ends to tighten
  8. The finished knot forms a loop

Similar Knots

  1. Figure 8 bend – Joins 2 ropes but is not a loop.
  2. Double figure 8 knot – Also known as bunny ears, forms a double loop instead of a single one.

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  1. Hello! I am writing a paddleboard yoga teacher manual, and I would love to use your Figure 8 Follow Through diagram. Do you ever grant permission for reprinting?

  2. david orchard says:

    The first slide is actually incorrect. The arrow shows it rope crossing above the rope into the loop and it should be below the rope into the loop. Just a heads up.

  3. staff says:

    Thanks for pointing it out. The image has been corrected.

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