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Figure 8 on a Bight

Figure 8 on a Bight

For this, the rope is doubled into a bight followed by tying the figure 8 knot. It is one of the ways of creating a figure 8 loop apart from the figure 8 follow through. The versatile knot helps in connecting a rope to a carabiner or climbing harness.

Tying a Figure Eight on a Bight

Tying a Figure Eight on a Bight


  1. Though shown here to be tied near the end of a rope, it can be made anywhere along the length by just taking a bight and proceeding with the above steps.



  • Strong
  • Largely fail-safe
  • Easy and quick to tie
  • Can attach objects to the middle of a rope
  •  Jamming


  1. Caving
  2. Climbing
  3. Canyoning
  4. Rescue work
  5. In belay setups
  6. Decorative purposes
  7. Fixing a rope for rappelling
  8. Hoisting a chainsaw by firefighters
  9. In anchor building as it needs both hands to tie

Steps to Tying a Figure 8 on a Bight

  1. Make a loop with a bight of rope
  2. Pass the end through the loop
  3. Pull both ends to tighten
  4. The completed knot forms a loop


  1. Directional figure 8 – Better for hauling something by the middle of a rope.
  2. Alpine butterfly knot – If the load is applied simultaneously in both directions, this one fares better as the figure 8 on a bight knot might roll over and deform itself. It is also easier to untie.

Similar Knots

  1. Figure 8 bend – With the figure 8 knot as the basis, doesn’t form a loop but joins 2 ropes.
  2. Double figure 8 knot – Forms a couple of loops instead of one.

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