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How to Make a Bow with Ribbon

Ribbon Bow

A fancy fabric ribbon bow on top of a gift adds to its looks. You can make a simple bow with ribbon to deck up Christmas wreaths, garlands and do all kinds of holiday decorations. You also use it to top off the presents kept under the Christmas tree. The pretty decoration can also jazz up an outfit. They can be made of silk, satin, velvet, burlap, mesh or grosgrain ribbons.

How to Tie a Bow with Ribbon

How to Make a Bow with Ribbon


  1. You can make the bow in small or large size depending on the length of the ribbon that you use.
  2. The ribbon used can be single-sided, double-sided, wide or thin. They lend different looks to the bow.
  3. If you are making a Christmas bow, use red or red-green and white ribbon.
  4. The perfect bow would be symmetrical.


  1. If you are dressing for a Disney theme birthday party, you can use a Minnie Mouse ribbon bow as a cute accessory.
  2. Thick ribbon bows look pretty and decorative on flower girl sashes at weddings.
  3. You can use a flat single ribbon bow as a brooch.

How to Make a Bow Out Of Ribbon: Video Tutorial

How to Make a Bow Out of Ribbon
Ribbon Bow Step 1
Ribbon Bow Step 2
Ribbon Bow Step 3
Ribbon Bow Step 4
Ribbon Bow Step 5
Ribbon Bow Step 6
Ribbon Bow Step 7
Ribbon Bow Step 8
Ribbon Bow Step 9
Ribbon Bow Step 10
Ribbon Bow Step 11
Ribbon Bow Step 12
Ribbon Bow Step 13
Ribbon Bow Step 14
Ribbon Bow Step 15
Ribbon Bow Step 16
Ribbon Bow Step 17
Ribbon Bow Step 18
Ribbon Bow Step 19
Ribbon Bow Step 20
Bow Tie Step 17
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Steps to Tying a Bow with Ribbon

  1. Make a U-shape
  2. Cross the left and right sides
  3. Pass the right doubled end through the loop
  4. Take it out
  5. Pull both the ends
  6. Fold the left free end along the dotted line
  7. Repeat for the right side
  8. Cut along the dotted lines
  9. Open up the folds
  10. The bow is made

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