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Kelvin Knot

Kelvin Knot

The Kelvin knot is named after the celebrated mathematical physicist Lord Kelvin (1824-1907). He made significant contributions to the knot theory related to the atomic structure. It is based on the simple tie knot. It produces a tidy and agile knot that is of the same size as the four-in-hand knot but is more angular and fuller. It starts with the reverse of the necktie.

How to Make a Kelvin Knot

How to Make a Kelvin Knot


  1. Cross Kelvin knot – Has 3 wraps at the center instead of 2 as indicated in the above diagram. More aesthetically pleasing.



Looks symmetricalIt can be a tad difficult to tie

Steps to Tying a Kelvin Knot

  1. Make the neck loop
  2. Pass the wide end to the right
  3. Pass it to the front from the back
  4. Take it to the right
  5. Pass it through the neck loop
  6. Pass it through the inner wrap
  7. Take it down completely
  8. The knot is complete

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