Macrame Knots

Macrame is a versatile, ancient form of fiber art that relies on tying knots by hand to create an intricate, decorative pattern. The macramé cord can be simple material like jute, hemp, leather, yarn or cotton twine. The art has been revived in modern times to create fancy items of interior décor. Macrame work can be embellished with wooden or glass beads, dyed threads and opens up a world of possibilities for crafting.


  1. To make plant hangers, wall hangings, window coverings, key chains, purses and jewelry.
  2. For making friendship bracelets, belts, hammocks, curtains, bell fringes, bikinis, placemats.
  3. To decorate knife handles, bottles, bags, picture frames, flower pots, lamps, etc.

List of Macramé Knots

The basic macramé knots are the square (reef) knot, half hitch, double half hitch, half knot and spiral knot. Beginners can start with these. Advanced macramé knots are monkey’s fist, diamond (lanyard) knot and josephine knot.

Bracelet Knots

Wall Hanging and Plant Hanger Knots

Rug Knots

Other Knots Used In Decorative Macramé Patterns

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