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Marlinspike Hitch

Marlinspike Hitch

Also known as the lever hitch, the marlinspike is a temporary knot that attaches a rod to a rope making a handle in the process. A small modification serves as an alternative way to tie the bowline knot. It provides an excellent way to make a rope ladder. It ties quickly and is easy to release. It does not jam.

How to Tie a Marlinspike Hitch

How to Tiea Marlinspike Hitch


  1. To accommodate a toggle for hammock suspension webbing. Can also be used with carabiners.
  2. You can adjust a whoopie sling on it.
  3. Helps to tighten other knots


Watch this video for a lowdown on the tree strap-marlinspike-toggle-hammock connection.

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