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Marlinspike Hitch

Marlinspike Hitch

Also known as the lever hitch, the marlinspike is a temporary knot that attaches a rod to a rope making a handle in the process. A small modification serves as an alternative way to tie the bowline knot. It provides an excellent way to make a rope ladder. It ties quickly and is easy to release. It does not jam.

How to Tie a Marlinspike Hitch

How to Tiea Marlinspike Hitch


  1. To accommodate a toggle for hammock suspension webbing. Can also be used with carabiners.
  2. You can adjust a whoopie sling on it.
  3. Helps to tighten other knots


Watch this video for a lowdown on the tree strap-marlinspike-toggle-hammock connection.

How to Tie a Marlinspike Hitch Step by Step

  1. Make a loop. Displace it to the right
  2. Make it cross the vertical line
  3. Pass the middle line to the left
  4. Pass cylindrical support through the loop formed
  5. Tighten by pulling both sides
  6. The knot is complete

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