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Midshipman’s Hitch

Midshipman’s Hitch

If you need an adjustable loop at the end of a rope, the midshipman’s hitch would be a good choice. You can slide the knot up and down the standing part varying the size of the loop, but when a load is applied at the longer rope end, the knot holds securely. It is referred to in The Ashley Book of Knots.

How to Tie a Midshipman’s Hitch

How to Tie a Midshipman’s Hitch



  • Easy to tie and untie under load. Even if the rope is heavily loaded, it is reasonably simple to release.
  • Holds well under rough climatic conditions like strong winds.


  • The loop becomes difficult to adjust under heavy load.

Midshipman’s Hitch v/s Taut Line Hitch

Though it resembles the taut line hitch in many respects, there is one basic difference.  While making the midshipman’s the second wrap forms an intermediate awning hitch that takes care of any strain on the rope when tying the final half hitch. Also, it is stronger than the taut line.


  1. Setting up tents, rain flies, tarps, etc.
  2. In guide and ridge lines for hammock setups.


Steps to Tying a Midshipman’s Hitch

  1. Loop around the support and wrap the end around the standing part
  2. Wrap it again but this time outside the loop
  3. Pass it through the loop just made
  4. Pull while holding the standing part
  5. The knot is tightened & done

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