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Mooring Hitch

Mooring Hitch

The mooring hitch is a simple knot that can be released quickly with just a pull at the tag end. It is more secure than the slippery hitch knot and is used in temporarily mooring boats. It can be tied around a tree, pole or anywhere along the length of another rope.

How to Tie a Mooring Hitch

How to Tie a Mooring Hitch Knot


  1. The knot can be loaded at the standing end.
  2. It can also be combined with the butterfly knot for securing a load.



  • When tied snug, it will not slip down a post easily
  • Easy to tie and untie by sailors Holds strongly when loaded
  • Abrupt release Prone to jamming


  1. To tie up a kayak for a short time to a cleat or mooring post before getting into it.
  2. To secure an animal to a post.
  3. By lumberjacks and riggers.
  4. Tying down survival shelters.
  5. Temporarily closing rucksacks.



  • Tumble hitch
  • Slipped buntline

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