Munter Mule

Munter Mule

The Munter Mule hitch is a combination of the Munter and Mule hitches. The appropriate application of the knot is in rock climbing and canyoneering. It allows you to go handsfree on belay and can be released and tied off when under tension. It is sometimes used in conjunction with a Prusik knot.

How to Tie a Munter Mule Hitch

How to Tie a Munter Mule Hitch


  1. You can either tie it off with a half hitch as shown in the diagram above, two half hitches or an overhand knot as shown in the below video.



It uses minimal equipment. Just a locking carabiner is enough.It kinks the rope and imparts a twist to it during descent. If used often, it can make the rope fuzzy.


  1. Escaping a belay.
  2. Tying off a climber.
  3. Passing a knot.
  4. Munter Mule contingency anchors are used to make a single strand rappel line easily and quickly convert to a lower (contingency anchor).

Tying a Munter Mule: Video

How to Tie a Munter Mule Hitch Step by Step

  1. Wrap the rope end through the carabiner twice
  2. Take it up and pass it to the right side
  3. Make 2 loops with the rope
  4. Pass the right loop through the left one
  5. Take it to the right side
  6. Pass it through the loop so formed
  7. Tighten to finish the knot

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