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Onassis Knot

Onassis Knot

The Onassis knot is named after the shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. It suits women who prefer wearing ties. The material of the necktie knot should not be thick. It is suitable for proms and casual occasions. The knot goes well with stylish ties and is highly symmetrical. It uses almost the same length of fabric as the full Windsor.

How to Tie an Onassis Knot

How to Tie an Onassis Knot

Style Tips

  1. The absence of the knot from view brings the focus on the tie itself. Hence it’s a good knot for showcasing a cool tie pattern.
  2. Loses its appeal with plain ties of solid color.
  3. Looks splendid with a vest.
  4. Great necktie to flaunt a clip or pin.
  5. Looks good with widespread collars.



  • Simple
  • Does not untie itself easily
  • Mostly unsuitable for formal occasions


  1. Four in hand knot – Better suited for formal occasions.

How to Tie an Onassis Knot Step by Step

  1. Passs the winder end over the thinner one
  2. Pass it to the right from the back
  3. Pass it to the left from the front
  4. Pass it through the neck loop
  5. Bring it down thorugh the lower wrap
  6. Take it to the back
  7. Pass it through the neck loop
  8. Pull it down complete knot

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