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Pratt (Shelby) Knot

Pratt-Shelby Knot

Pratt-Shelby Knot

The neat, symmetrical Pratt knot when tied perfectly, looks attractive on any dress or formal shirt. Also known as the Shelby or Pratt-Shelby knot it suits slightly wider neckties that are made from light or medium weight fabric. Though its elegant triangular shape resembles the half-Windsor knot, it is more discreet and smaller.

How to Tie a Pratt Knot

Stand in front of the mirror, take the reverse side of the tie and wrap it round your neck under your shirt collar. Then, follow the instructions.

How to Tie a Pratt-Shelby Knot

How to Tie a Pratt-Shelby Knot


  1. The dimple formed at the center just below the knot gives a classy sartorial finish.
  2. Though it is fairly wide, it is not as wide as the Windsor knot.
  3. Works best with cutaway and wide-spread collars.


Nicky knot – Less symmetrical but self-releasing



  • More symmetrical than the four-in-hand knot
  • Can also be made with skinny ties
  • Versatile
  • Easy to tie
  • May slide down the collar by itself due to its inherent loose nature. Simple re-tightening solves the problem, though


Pratt Knot Tie Uses

  1. Suitable for professional gatherings including interviews.
  2. Can be worn at informal occasions as well.

Shelby Knot Video: Tutorial for the Pratt Tie Knot

How to Tie a Pratt (Shelby) Knot Step by Step

  1. Put the wide end under the thinner one
  2. Insert it into the loop and bring it out sideways
  3. Take it to the right side
  4. Insert it again into the loop
  5. Bring it down through the central wrap
  6. Holding the thin end pull up the knot to tighten

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