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Prince Albert Knot

Prince Albert Knot

This slightly asymmetrical, elegant tie knot is a little bulkier than the four in hand knot but is similar to the Victoria and double Windsor knots. Its double wraps add a subtle detail that is the signature of a well-dressed man. The name may mislead you with regards to the history of the knot as there is no evidence that it was worn by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. Nonetheless, look stylish by sporting this knot that is sometimes referred to as the double four in hand knot.

How to Tie a Prince Albert Knot

How to Tie the Prince Albert Knot

Style Tips

  1. Place the wide end significantly lower than the narrow one in the 1st step to account for the wraps.
  2. The two wraps require the tie to be of considerable length.
  3. Neckties of thinner material are suitable for this knot.
  4. It looks good on shorter men as it uses up greater tie length.
  5. You can wear it on formal occasions.

Prince Albert Knot Tying Video

How to Tie the Prince Albert Knot Step by Step

  1. Wrap the tie around your neck
  2. Make the neck loop
  3. Pass the wider end to the right from the back
  4. Pass it to the left from the front
  5. Again pass it to the right
  6. Pass it to the left side
  7. Pass it through the neck loop
  8. Pass it through the central wraps
  9. Take it down completely
  10. Tighten to complete the knot

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