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Rapala Knot

Rapala Knot

Rapala Knot

The Rapala knot is a non-slip loop knot that can be tied directly to the lure allowing it to move naturally and freely. It is extensively used in fly fishing.

How to Tie a Rapala Knot

How to Tie a Rapala Loop Knot

How to Tie a Rapala Loop Knot


  1. If a swivel or a leader is necessary, you should choose a very light tackle to enable natural motion of the lure.



  • Easy to tie
  • Good for attaching a fluorocarbon leader line to a lure or hook
  • Suits almost all types of crankbaits
  • Retains most of the line strength
  • Unlike the Palomar knot, does not work on braided lines like Fireline
  • The tag end sticks up making it prone to entangling with weeds

Rapala Knot Instructions: Video

How to Tie a Rapala Knot Step by Step

  1. Make a loop, pass the tag end through the eyelet and the loop
  2. Wrap it round the standing line 3 times
  3. Pass it through the second loop
  4. Pass through the loop just formed
  5. Pull both the ends to tighten the knot
  6. Cut any excess off the tag end

Alternatives to the Rapala Loop Knot

  1. Non-slip loop knot – Simpler to tie with no change in strength.
  2. Perfection loop – Used by anglers for loop to loop connections.

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