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Slim Beauty Knot

Slim Beauty Knot

This strong knot offers an innovative way of tying tippets or leaders to the main line. Being easy to learn and possessing a low profile it has become hugely popular in a short span of time. It effectively joins a slippery braided line to a monofilament leader. It is excellent in joining different diameters and materials of lines. Tests have shown it to retain close to 100% of the of the line’s breaking strength. It can be tied to shock leaders as well.

Slim Beauty Knot Tying Instructions

The blue rope in the diagram signifies the heavier line.

Slim Beauty Knot Tying Instructions


  1. The first step involves tying a double overhand knot and pulling it down loosely.
  2. It helps if you moisten the knot before tightening.


  1. Improved slim beauty knot – Has an extra locking point that eliminates line slippage and increases durability.
  2. Modified slim beauty knot – Employs a uni knot for the base.



  • Compact
  • Straight when completed
  • Eliminates the need of a Bimini twist for tying a tarpon leader
  • Slides easily through fishing rod guides
  • Perfect for tangle-free, long casts
  • Tough to tie in low light conditions

Slim Beauty v/s Other Knots

  1. Double uni knot – Stronger
  2. Blood knot – More suited for lighter braid
  3. Albright knot – Simpler
  4. FG knot – Stronger, simpler to tie, smaller

How to Tie the Slim Beauty Knot: Video

Steps to Tying a Slim Beauty Knot

  1. Pass both ends through the blue loop and semi tighten
  2. Pass the red rope bight through the blue “8”
  3. Wrap it around the blue standing part 4 times
  4. Wrap it back around the blue standing part 3 times
  5. Pull the ends to tighten
  6. Trim the ends and the knot is made

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