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Spanish Bowline

Spanish Bowline

This elegant double loop knot boasts of beautiful symmetry. Each loop is separately fixed, unlike the French bowline, which adds to its good features. It can be made in the middle of a line and serves the purpose of a temporary Bosun’s chair. A variation of the more popular bowline knot, it is mentioned in The Ashley Book of Knots. You can tie it quickly after mastering it.

How to Tie a Spanish Bowline Knot

You should start with a long length of rope.

Spanish Bowline Knot Instructions


  1. The load should be equally applied on both the loops to prevent slipping.


  1. For rescue work by passing one loop around each leg of a conscious person while he can cling on the standing part when he is lifted. Unconsciousness would necessitate the use of an extra hitch around his chest.
  2. Carpenters use it to suspend a ladder.

Video on How to Tie a Spanish Bowline

How to Tie a Spanish Bowline Knot Step by Step

  1. Make 2 loops with the rope. Pass the left one to the right
  2. Pass the right one to the left
  3. Pass the lower loops through the upper ones
  4. Hold the standing part and pull them out
  5. Continue pulling to tighten nicely
  6. The knot is completed

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