Tying a True Lover's Knot - Step By Step Instructions
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True Lover’s Knot

True Lover's Knot

True Lover’s Knot

The true lover’s knot, also known as the true love knot, though shown in a single form here can be used to denote different knots (like the fisherman’s knot) that have long been associated with love, affection and friendship.  The decorative knot comprises of a couple of intertwined overhand knots tied in opposite directions to each other. It is a simple and elegant knot and could be an ideal gift for your lover as each overhand knot freely moves about the other but are generally inseparable.

How to Tie a Lover’s Knot

How to Tie a True Lover's Knot

How to Tie a True Lover’s Knot




Jams under pressure


If left slack unties easily


  1. Being a traditional symbol of true love, used in knot tying ceremonies of weddings.
  2. Historically used for creating gold wire wedding rings of sailors.
  3. For connecting 2 lines.
  4. For securing a keychain to a lanyard.
  5. The knot structure is used in bracelet, necklace, brooch, engagement ring, and other jewelry designs.

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