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Yosemite Bowline

Yosemite Bowline

This strong loop knot is a variation of the bowline that has the free end wrapped around one side of the loop and tucked back into the knot, commonly known as a Yosemite finish. It increases the strength of the knot and prevents it from capsizing into a highly dangerous slip knot.

How to Tie a Yosemite Bowline

How to Tie a Yosemite Bowline


  1. You can increase the safety of the knot by adding a stopper knot like the double overhand.


  1. Double Yosemite bowline – It is basically a double bowline with a Yosemite tie off.



  • It is more secure than the regular bowline
  • Easier to untie under wet and frozen conditions and after taking on a load than the bowline
  • Simple, can be tied with only one hand
  • You should take extra care to tie it right, or it could lead to disasters if you are entrusting it with your life.
  • If it is not dressed properly, it can collapse into a noose


  1. Securing heavy loads such as haul bags.
  2. Climbing, mountaineering

How to Tie a Yosemite Bowline Step by Step

  1. Pass the tag end through the rope loop
  2. Pass it behind the standing part and out of the loop
  3. Pass it through the big loop
  4. Pass it through the smaller loop on top
  5. Hold and first pull part A then part B to tighten
  6. The knot is made


  1. Figure 8 knot – Less advantageous but can be more easily checked for defects.
  2. Figure 8 follow through – A more popular choice as a tie-in for connecting a climbing rope to a climber’s harness though the Yosemite bowline is better suited for the purpose.

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