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Drop Shot Rig

Drop Shot Rig

What Is It

Drop shotting is a popular technique used by bass fishermen although saltwater anglers invented it. It involves suspending the bait (that could be a live or dead bait or an artificial one such as a plastic worm) at a certain level above the bottom of a water body so that it is placed in front of the fish. It also allows easy removal of the bait from the gunk at the bottom. After the weight is vertically dropped to reach the bottom, you can lightly shake the bait for attracting attention. Pro bass fishermen on the West Coast introduced it to the bass fishing world where it spread quickly. It was more so since the “finesse” technique was highly successful in the pressured lakes of West.

How to Rig a Drop Shot

How to Rig a Drop Shot


  1. Note that steps 1-5 make the Palomar knot.
  2. The knot made by steps 7 and 8 is the overhand knot.
  3. The best hooks for drop shot rigging are sizes 1 and 2 though you can do it with hook sizes ranging from 2/0 to 6.
  4. It can be used for casting out from the shore as well as straight down from boats.
  5. It can be wacky rigged.
  6. You can set up a drop shot rig for perch, catfish, bluegill, lake trout, smallmouth bass, etc.


  1. Double drop shot rig – Uses two hooks and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater fish. It is good for ice fishing.


  1. You can catch crappies, walleyes, trout, pikes, with drop shot fishing rigs.


How to Tie a Drop Shot Rig Step by Step

  1. Pass a rope bight through the hook eye and wrap it around the loop formed
  2. Pass it around the hook
  3. Bring it up
  4. Pull the standing part to tighten
  5. Pass the tag end through the hook
  6. Pull it out
  7. Loop it passing through the weight and feed the end into it
  8. Hold the standing part and tighten the knot
  9. Hook a worm and the drop shot rig is made

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