Half Knot

Half Knot


This knot that is mentioned in The Ashley Book of Knots is present in a pair in the square knot. Here, one half knot has the left end over the right one while the other has the right end over the left. If both the half knots are tied in a similar fashion, it will form a granny knot. For binding purposes, it should always be tied around a support and not in the air.

How to Tie a Half Knot

How to Tie a Half Knot



Quick to tieIts notorious nature of capsizing and slipping restricts its usage.


  1. In macramé patterns
  2. In spiral hemp (friendship) bracelets
  3. Making half knot twist or sinnet jewelry.
  4. Tying scarf or bandana head wraps.

How to Tie a Half Knot Step by Step

  1. Overlap the 2 ends over the support
  2. Pass one end from below the other
  3. Take it out
  4. Pull the standing parts to tighten

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