How to Tie a Double Figure 8 Knot (Bunny Ears): Step By Step Diagram and Information
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Double Figure 8 Knot

Double Figure 8 Knot

The double figure 8 loop is based on the figure 8 knot. Also known as bunny ears, it forms a couple of loops that mainly distinguishes it from the similar figure 8 on a bight and figure 8 follow through (both forming a figure 8 loop) that contain a single loop in their structures. It is unlikely to slip such that one loop gets larger than the other making the double figure of eight loop knot stable.

Double Loop Figure Eight Knot Instructions

Double Loop Figure Eight Knot Instructions



  • Easy to tie
  • Good strength
  • Forms a straight loop
  • Doesn’t come loose easily. Hence, better than the bowline
  • Difficult to untie



  1. Rock climbing
  2. Can create a makeshift seat
  3. Suitable for equalizing 2 anchors
  4. In belaying a follower who is in guide mode
  5. Fishing
  6. Making bracelets
  7. Rescue purposes

Double Loop Figure 8 Video

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