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Surgeon’s Loop

Surgeon’s Loop

The surgeon’s loop is also known as the double surgeon’s loop as it is made with a double strand. It creates a quick end loop in leaders and lines to enable them to connect to other loops.

How to Tie a Surgeon’s Loop

How to Tie a Surgeon’s Loop


  1. While tying the above, you are basically creating a loose overhand knot and passing the end one more time through the knot. It is nothing but doing a double overhand knot with a bight of rope.
  2. Unlike the dropper loop that forms a loop standing at right angles to the line, the surgeon’s loop makes a loop at one end.


  1. The triple surgeon’s loop – To do this, you need to first create a loose overhand knot with a bight of rope and pass the end twice through the initial loop instead of once as with the surgeon’s loop knot. It is more secure.




  • Strong
  • Reliable
  • Easy
  • Retains majority of the line strength
  • Bulky
  • Not recommended if you want to connect braid and mono surgeon’s loops. A double uni or a modified Albright knot better suits the purpose.


  1. Fishing/fly fishing

Steps to Tying a Surgeon’s Loop

  1. Make a loop with a double line & feed the end into it
  2. Pass the end through the loop once more
  3. Take it out of the loop pulling the standing part
  4. Cut off the excess tag end


  1. Bimini twist – It is stronger.
  2. Perfection loop – The loop is in a straight line with the standing part versus the surgeon’s loop that is a bit bent.
  3. Spider Hitch – It is a bit more complex though having roughly the same strength.

Similar Knot

  1. Surgeon’s knot – It can join 2 lines of different (or similar) materials or diameters.

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