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Atlantic Knot

Atlantic Knot

The Atlantic necktie knot lends a boyish charm to your attire. It is perfect to wear to social and festive occasions. You might wear it to work depending on your level of comfort. Usually, it doesn’t suit formal occasions. It can be worn by both men and women. Choose a plain, flexible and thin material for your tie. It can be termed as the reverse of the Pratt knot.

Atlantic Knot Instructions

Atlantic Knot Instructions

Style Tips

  1. It is recommended not to make it with striped ties and those with patterns. Go with solids.
  2. It would look good if you are wearing it in a contrast tie.




Intricate and exoticDifficult to tie


Steps to Tying an Atlantic Knot

  1. Pass the thinner end over the thicker one
  2. Pass it through the neck loop
  3. Take it down
  4. Pass it to the left
  5. Pass it through a couple of loops
  6. Take it down
  7. Take it behind the wider end
  8. Tighten to finish the knot

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