French Bowline

French Bowline

The French bowline, also known as the Portuguese bowline, makes two adjustable loops (unlike the Spanish bowline) that can be used as a temporary Bosun’s chair to hoist or lower an injured person even if he is unconscious. One loop goes around the person’s chest under his arms and the other one serves as the seat. His weight keeps the knot tight and prevents it from slipping. It is a type of the classic bowline knot that distributes pressure over a wider area than the parent knot. This reduces the chances of damage to the secured object.

How to Tie a French Bowline

How to Tie a French Bowline


  1. You can dress the knot by adjusting the size of the loops.




  • It can connect two ropes
  • Cannot be untied when loaded on an end
  • May come untied if it is not loaded downwards


  1. To fasten mooring lines.
  2. For rigging and other backstage work by stage hands.
  3. Rescue operations.
  4. Making arm or wrist shackles.

How to Tie a French Bowline Step by Step

  1. Pass the end through a rope loop
  2. Pass it up through the loop
  3. Encircle the standing part
  4. Take it down through the loop
  5. Hold and pull to tighten
  6. The knot is made

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